Attention: For all serious inquiries about appointments please see below. Hopefully that can answer the bulk of questions. Any other questions you might have please feel free to email me  at Thank you. Have a nice day.

If you are serious about getting some work done by me shoot me an email letting me know exactly what it is you would like to do. Exactly…meaning reference photos (pictures of what you want or similar ideas) and a detail description. then i can let you know if i am the right person for the job. if i feel i am i will require a $100 non refundable deposit to set up the appointment(s). that $100 will come off of the very last appointment. from there once it gets closer to your appointment date i will either gather all of the reference i need for your appointment to draw it on when you show up for your appointment, or i will draw something before hand. it depends on what the appointment calls for.  i charge $100 an hour. every tattoo is different and they have many different variables that can alter how long it will take. so i can’t tell you exactly how much it might cost but that being said i can give you a decent ball park guesstimate for what your looking at so you can be prepared. a general idea on time frame is sleeves can take any where from 10-20+ hours to complete. the more detail the more time it takes. this would be broken up into multiple sessions of course. most people seem to be ok with sitting 3-4 hours at a time. however for the more bad ass of you i can work for about 7-8 hours. after that i get fairly tired and need to lie down. i am working to give you the best possible tattoo i can do. so its in your best interest to be patient and not rush the process. after all, these are forever.. very much a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario.

i am a fairly easy going person and really appreciate the same in return.

serious inquiries only please. you can email me at

look forward to talking with you.